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- A Subsidiary of MacKenzie Lane Property Management Group and The Calverstone Group of Companies


The Cleaning Agents is always looking for ways to successfully expand its business.

Our way is to encourage our already committed employees

to take up the opportunity to operate their own business

with the experience they have gained whilst working with us.

We will work with you and guide you to ensure that you continue the service standard that makes The Cleaning Agents a Franchise Success by transitioning

into a successful business of your own.

We at The Cleaning Agents see that as a much better way to do business.

The people that worked for us works with us.

Gaining inside knowledge and experience by working for us and

knowing what it takes to operate the business is invaluable.

It's not about someone who decided to open up a franchise

because they have saved up some money and thought to go it alone.

We prefer that you see how we provide the service,

manage the service and operate our service.

That way, you also gain your own customer base to take with you when you start off. You've built up your Business on your own by already working with us

and that you've already build your "Ready Franchise".

That way all you have to do is work with us and expand your own business.